Clinical and health Psychologists

Our experienced Clinical and Health Psychologists use scientifically supported approaches to help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing, and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Our team can help you:

  • Motivate yourself to take control of your behaviour and choices
  • Use your values and strengths to prioritise what is important and set meaningful goals
  • Develop skills that will allow you to make long-term positive changes
  • Develop strategies for pain management
  • Increase your mental strength and resilience so that you can face the challenges that come with illness and injury


what you need to know at alert levels 2 and 3

Our Psychologists can still see you in person (at Level 2) or virtually via Telepsychology (at Level 3).

How does Telepsychology work?

Ideally this will be via video conferencing. Your psychologist will send you a secure link for you to click via your mobile phone or computer, so you can both see and hear each other for a psychology session. For mobile phones you may also have to install an app so this video-conferencing link will work. Where video conferencing is not an option, a normal phone call is an alternative that can also work well in many situations.

What do I need for Telepsychology?
You need your mobile phone or computer with audio, and ideally video capability. You should also ensure you have a private, quiet setting where you will not be interrupted for Telepsychology sessions. If you encounter difficulties for whatever reasons, we will work with you to try and find solutions.

What are the risks and benefits of Telepsychology?

Your safety, privacy and confidentiality is paramount to us, and your psychologist will discuss this with you and any concerns you may have, prior to any assessment or treatment via Telepsychology. Our experience and wider research evidence suggests Telepsychology is an effective way to provide assistance for many people, and it has worked well during the Covid-19 lockdowns.