Making an Online Referral to the
Concussion Service

Online referrals to our Concussion Service by GPs, Emergency Department Physicians and hospital-based Allied Health team members can be made using the form at the link below. This will assist you in generating the required ACC883 referral form. A copy of these will be emailed to you on submission of the online referral form.

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Alternatively, if you are a GP you can refer directly through ERMS (if you are located in the South Island) or Specialists & Referrals on MedTech32 (if you are located in the North Island), or submit a referral via email as follows:

  1. Complete the ACC883 form
  2. Submit the ACC883 (as a PDF) and any supporting documentation to
  3. We will contact you to acknowledge receipt of the referral, liaise with ACC about the next steps for your client and keep you informed.


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