Other Services

At Habit Rehabilitation our focus has always been on the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of our clients and patients. As our company has grown, we have integrated many complimentary services to offer the best solution-based rehabilitation packages and provide a seamless recovery experience.


We have a team of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Psychologists who will work with you and your child or young teen, and any other teams involved to support your child’s development.


Speech Language Therapy

We offer a variety of programmes across the SLT spectrum that cover a broad range of Speech-Language disorders and difficulties.


Dietitian & Nutrition Service

Our Dietitians can offer tailored and practical advice to you, your whanau and your workplace to help you keep fit and healthy. Through a healthy diet, the Dietitian can assist with a broad range of services from wound healing to weight management.


Occupational Health Nursing

Habit Rehabilitation provides a comprehensive, nationwide range of nursing services as part of the Habit Group.


Massage Therapy

As part of our holistic approach to health and wellbeing we offer the convenience of remedial massage by qualified massage therapists onsite daily