Therapy 4 Children (Auckland)

We have our team of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Psychologists will work with you and your child or young teen, and any other teams involved to support your child’s development. Therapy can take place in our clinic, your home, your child’s school or their day care.

We accept referrals from parents/carers, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and ACC or other agencies.

The team can complete assessments and implement therapy programmes for private referrals, ACC or MoE funded children to address:

  • Speech, language and communication delays and disorders. 
  • Social skills
  • Play skills
  • Eating and drinking difficulties
  • Mobility
  • Neurodevelopmental delay and corrective seating
  • Fine and gross motor coordination
  • Independence with personal cares
  • Cognition
  • Independence in the home/school including environmental adaptations
  • Equipment

Therapy for children can provide programmes for children who have sensory, motor, communication, learning and behavioural difficulties.

Speech Language Therapy

We work with children and adolescents who may present with speech & language delay, difficulties and disorders.


Occupational Therapy

Our Paediatric Occupational Therapists provide assessment, intervention and consultation.




Clinical, Educational & Neuropsychology


Social Worker Assistance