Diet & Nutrition Service

Our Dietitians can work with you, your family, whanau and/or workplace to help you keep fit and healthy. Through a healthy diet, the Dietitian can assist with:

  • Wound healing
  • Enteral feeding
  • Weight management
  • Specialised diets
  • Bowel issues
  • Eating for general wellbeing

Evidence-based nutrition advice for individuals, groups and businesses.

Your first session will include:

  • A complete lifestyle, medical and dietary assessment including measurements
  • Analysis of nutritional deficiencies
  • Goal setting for what you want to achieve
  • Creating a personalised plan tailored to your requirements

Follow-up sessions will include:

  • A review of your progress including measurements
  • How to deal with challenging situations
  • Increasing your knowledge of food and nutrition
  • A relook at goals and action plan, and alterations made as required

Supermarket tour will include:

  • A one-on-one tour to help you make better choices
  • Food label reading and written information

Package Deals:

A Health Taster

Short-term support to help with goals such as weight loss or gain, eating well for exercise, or if you just want a kick-start to good health.

Includes one initial consultation and three follow-up consultations.

Package to Health

Long-term support to help you achieve and maintain your goal whether it is weight loss or gain, increasing energy levels, decreasing stress, managing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and more!

Includes: One initial consultation and six follow-up consultations.

Private Referral for Adults

If your need is not covered by ACC e.g rest homes or medical conditions, we provide a service to those who would still like support to:

  • Assess communication and swallowing difficulties
  • Educate, provide strategies and training to staff and family working with the client
  • Devise care plans on safe eating, drinking and best practice for oral hygiene
  • Complete onward referrals as necessary
  • Provide/order necessary equipment