Coronavirus Covid-19 Update March 2020

Notice - Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 Update - March 2020

With all of the news about Coronavirus, we wanted to take a moment to clarify what we’re doing in our rehabilitation centres to ensure your safety when accessing our services.

At Habit we take your health and wellbeing very seriously and are following Ministry of Health guidelines, taking all reasonable precautions to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

We continue to monitor the situation with MOH and will update our response as required.  Here are a few key points regarding the virus and the precautions we are taking to ensure your safety and that of our staff:



As a standard practice, we encourage staff to stay home if they are unwell. In response to the outbreak, we are enforcing that directive to all staff.

All staff are required to follow strict and well-established infection control policies and procedures including the cleaning of all surfaces following each client contact.  Any staff returning from overseas are required to self-isolate for 14 days, as per the MoH mandate. 



To keep everyone safe, we ask anyone experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms to avoid coming into the centres. If you are a current physiotherapy or rehab client, you will need to continue your supervised exercises.  In these cases, we will organise ongoing consultations/supervised exercise over telehealth/videoconferencing using existing technology. Learn more.

If you are unwell, have recently travelled overseas, or believe you may have come into contact with someone with Coronavirus, please contact Healthline at 0800 358 5453. The Ministry of Health is advising anyone who has recently been overseas to avoid close-proximity with others for 14 days.


NEW TO HABIT Rehabilitation?

With the identified risk of Covid-19, we are now screening specifically for risk of Coronavirus prior to any new clients attending our sites. In order to keep staff and members safe, we do ask that if you have recently travelled overseas (within the past 14 days) or have cold or flu-like symptoms, to please follow the MoH guidelines and stay home.



The World Health Organisation informs us that Coronavirus is spread person-to-person via respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes or exhales.  

We have also increased our cleaning procedures to ensure that all surfaces and equipment are regularly disinfected throughout the day and intensely overnight.

We recommend the following practices to minimise risk:

  • Regular handwashing with soap (for at least 20 seconds).  In situations where you do not have access to soap and water you should use hand sanitiser instead, washing your hands as soon as possible
  • Cover coughing or sneezing with a tissue or elbow (not your hand)
  • Avoid touching of eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands



Although it may seem silly, to curb any further spread of illness, we are discouraging physical contact. The only exception is, of course, where a Physiotherapist needs to correct your posture or technique – again, all staff have been informed of our infection control policies and procedures.



We know that all of the news and information, guidelines, and requirements can get overwhelming, and we want to remind everyone to stay calm and to keep things in perspective. While Coronavirus has been very infectious overseas, the Ministry of Health stands by their assessment that the risk for an outbreak in New Zealand is low. We are taking these preventative measures to reduce that risk further.


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