Healthy Eating over the Festive Season


With all the extra celebrations upon us in the next month it can be hard to stay on track with your healthy eating and fitness goals. Here are my top tips to help over the holiday season:

1. Alternate each glass of alcohol with water or soda water

2. Have a healthy snack such as a pottle of yoghurt, piece of fruit or some nuts before you head out so you’re not tempted to buy fried foods

3. Take a healthy plate e.g. make some bliss balls, fruit platter, vege sticks and hummus, savoury muffins to ensure that there is something nutritious and tasty to enjoy at shared lunch or morning teas

4. Eat mindfully! It’s ok to indulge in some Christmas treats, but enjoy them mindfully, eat them slowly, savour the taste and stop when you are full

5. Plan ahead. Make sure you pre-prepare dinner so it’s ready when you get home rather than opting for takeaways or unhealthy options if you’re late.

7. Make sure you include a variety of foods when eating out and snacking, eat mostly fruits and vegetables as well as some protein and carbohydrates too to ensure a satisfying and nutritious meal

6. Make time for your exercise. Take walking meetings, quick walks at lunch times and use the stairs if you can’t make your usual evening sessions


For more advice around diet and nutrition, please contact us to meet with one of our qualified dietitians.