Injuries ACC Cover


Here at Habit we can make a claim to ACC on your behalf. There is no need to go to your GP first, just book an appointment with one of our physios and we will take it from there! If you aren’t sure whether your injury would be covered, find out here which injuries are covered by ACC. Please note we have only listed injuries that we can assist you with.

What is no-fault cover?

No-fault cover means that it didn’t matter what you were doing when you got injured or who was at fault, as long as the injury falls within ACC’s legislation.

The cover ACC provides helps pay for the costs to get you back on your feet. It includes payment towards medical bills, treatment, help at home and work and help with your income.

Physical injuries

  • sprains or strains - such as ankle, back, knee or shoulder sprains 
  • fractures 
  • dislocations 
  • loss of consciousness.

ACC covers most physical injuries if they’re caused by:

  • an accident 
  • sexual violence
  • a condition that comes on gradually because of work. 

ACC covers injuries that are long-term, permanent or that happened at birth.

Injuries caused by treatment

Sometimes getting treatment can cause an injury. ACC covers a treatment injury if:

  • the treatment directly caused your injury 
  • a registered health professional was treating you
  • it’s not a normal side-effect of your treatment.

They also cover injuries caused by treatment for an injury that they’ve already covered.

Conditions that come on gradually from work

ACC covers injuries or conditions that happen over time and are caused by the type of work you do.

  • tendonitis from overusing muscles or heavy lifting

Serious injuries and disabilities

They can cover injuries that cause long-term effects and disabilities such as spinal and traumatic brain injuries. 


Claims can be made up to 12 months after your injury. However, ACC may still consider claims made after this time if there’s good reason for the claim not being made sooner.

If you are injured, get it touch with one of Habits Rehabilitation clinics today. No ACC referrals required from your GP, we can lodge your claim directly for you.