Job Search Service

If you are an ACC client who has achieved vocational independence and are ready for support to re-enter the workforce, we can help you through our Job Search Service. Our Vocational Consultants provide tailored support depending on your specific needs.

Job Search Services may include:

  • Curriculum vitae preparation, updating an existing CV, or targeting it to specific job roles of interest
  • Assistance with targeted cover letter writing or the online job application process
  • Assessment of the local labour market to identify a range of suitable roles
  • Goal setting advice
  • Job interview information and support
  • Assisting the client to apply online for advertised roles
  • Cold calling in person or via telephone to workplaces of interest
  • Speculative letter writing
  • Recruitment Consultants may liaise with potential employers in person to maximise the chances of a positive outcome
  • Setting up digital profiles online
  • Use of social media platforms to access work opportunities

Clients are generally referred for this service by ACC or third-party insurers.