Occupational Assessments

If you are unable to return to work after an accident or injury, you may be referred for an Occupational Assessment. These one-off consultations are completed by an accredited Assessor at Habit Rehabilitation and you are generally referred for this service by ACC or third-party insurers.

All Occupational Assessments tend to take 60-90 minutes. It is helpful to provide your CV to the Assessor in advance of an Occupational Assessment.

Initial Occupational Assessment (IOA)

The IOA is a one-off consultation completed by an accredited Vocational Assessor. It is designed to thoroughly detail your previous employment history, qualifications, and on the job training.

This information is then analysed to provide a detailed summary recognising your key transferable skills, knowledge and experience for a range of suitable work types as defined by the ACC Work Type Detail Sheets. You have the opportunity to provide a self-assessment of your skills, and to provide your own perspective regarding the work types included in the report. The final report will also identify any vocational training that you may need to undertake in the future in order to achieve the entry-level vocational requirements for a role.

The Initial Occupational Assessment is a key step in the ACC pathway towards vocational independence.

Loss of Potential Earnings (LOPE) S105 Occupational Assessment

This assessment forms part of a process ACC undertakes when considering whether you are eligible to receive compensation for a loss of potential earning capacity.

Vocational Independence Occupational Assessment (VIOA)

The VIOA is similar to an IOA consultation but confirms whether vocational rehabilitation has been completed and whether the work types agreed in your Individual Rehabilitation Plan are still vocationally suitable for you.