Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

Whether you are an essential worker or working at home, we can help you stay safe and comfortable.

With so many of us working at home in the coming weeks, it's important that we look after ourselves and our employees, and manage the health risks associated with increasing hours spent sitting, looking at a computer screen.

We can provide an assessment via telehealth, from the comfort of your own home.

Four potential health issues related to computer use, as identified by ACC, are: 

  • Physical discomfort, pain or injury

  • Visual discomfort

  • Stress

  • Fatigue

We can provide Ergonomic Workstation Assessments and our staff are highly trained and specialised in recognising and helping people who are coping with DPI and ongoing musculoskeletal issues related to too many hours spent at a computer or VDU.

Our Ergonomic Workstation Assessments don’t just look at the traditional aspects of a Desk Assessment. We include equipment placement, lighting, posture and micropauses.  We also provide advice on improving work environments and practises, workspace design, including the appropriate use of standing desks and other specialised equipment.

We will always impart our knowledge to better educate individuals on how to proactively help themselves avoid injury, stay well and healthy in their working environment, whether that be at work or at home.

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