Workplace Assessments and Support

Habit Rehabilitation is a lead supplier to ACC, private insurers and small to large business in the delivery of vocational rehabilitation services. Our multidisciplinary teams of Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapist and Career Practitioners work as one to provide assessment and workplace solutions, knowing that early intervention is key to faster and sustainable recovery.

Standalone Workplace Assessment

Includes a comprehensive assessment of the workplace and pre-injury work tasks. Job tasks are outlined with corresponding functional requirements. All work-place factors (physical, cognitive, sensory and psychosocial) are identified and considered.

Stay at Work Services

Includes a comprehensive workplace assessment, collaboration with all relevant stakeholders including employers, workplace occupational health providers and other health professionals. Solutions range from a graduated return-to-work plan, physical rehabilitation, work hardening, fatigue management education and nutrition consultation.

Back to Work Services

We assist clients unable to return to their job as it was before their injury. We work with clients in an interdisciplinary manner, providing physical rehabilitation, psychological support, career counselling, pre-employment preparation, job search strategies and work trial sourcing and support, as well as computer training. We also work with MSD in certain areas of the North Island, providing job counselling, pre employment preparation and job placement.